GSPC whispers

Vol 14, PW 22 (05 May 11) News in Brief

First it was IP Gautam, now PK Taneja is being talked about as the next managing director of GSPC.

Earlier whispers that popular Ahmedabad civic chief IP Gautam would replace GSPC managing director Tapan Ray are unfounded. “Gautam has made it clear to local journalists that he doesn’t want to join GSPC,” we learn.

“He believes it’s a thankless task.” Instead it is IAS officer Taneja, 54, who is expected to replace Ray, if and when he is transferred out of GSPC in the imminent state government reshuffle.

Taneja joined the IAS from Gujarat in 1984 and is principal secretary in the state’s social justice department. He previously worked at state-owned companies Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals, Gujarat Electricity Board, Gujarat State Fertilisers and Chemicals and Gujarat Energy Development Agency.

“Taneja turned the fortunes of Gujarat Alkalies around when he was there,” we learn. “He is practical and easily accessible.

” Ray has been GSPC managing director since November 2009.

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