Ensco 53 drills dry hole at South Tapti for British Gas

Vol 9, PW 3 (18 May 05) News in Brief

British Gas has drilled a dry hole at the South Tapti gasfield, offshore Mumbai.

PETROWATCH learns Ensco 53 began drilling well STC-5 on 19th March in 28 metres water depth to reach a target depth of 2500 metres. But the well was later abandoned as a dry hole on 13th April, after 23 days of drilling.

Ensco 53 has since moved to well PG-9-H to carry out a workover. During the four-month monsoon season that will begin soon, Ensco 53 will only carry out workover jobs because rig movement becomes difficult due to choppy waves in the Arabian Sea.

Ensco 53 will resume exploratory drilling when the monsoon ends. Ensco 53 is slated to drill five new wells for the Panna, Mukta and Tapti consortium, of which one has already been drilled.

The PMT consortium has also hired another rig, Ensco 50, for workover jobs only. Ensco 50 has already completed five workovers for the PMT consortium.