Deepwater Frontier stays

Vol 14, PW 17 (24 Feb 11) News in Brief

Reliance has reversed an earlier decision to release Transocean’s deepwater drillship Deepwater Frontier and will keep her till July when her three-year contract ends.

Frontier reached India’s eastern offshore on February 14, after drilling a dry well for Reliance at its block offshore Timor-Leste. “Reliance wants Frontier to drill a well offshore India,” we hear.

“Frontier would have been sitting idle till October (when she begins a contract with Exxon offshore Australia) if Reliance didn’t keep her.” Reliance abruptly released Frontier last month, angering contractors, service providers and Transocean.

“Most service providers had demobilised their equipment in Timor-Leste,” we learn. “They’ve all been asked to mobilise again.

” On February 17, an application for Frontier’s essentiality certificate was submitted to the DGH. Customs and Indian navy clearance is expected by the end of this week, after which Frontier will move to her new drilling location and take a month to complete the well.