Rumours of Reliance gas discovery in Cauvery Basin

Vol 11, PW 5 (12 Jul 07) Exploration & Production

Reports are surfacing of a “significantâ€‌ gas strike by Reliance Industries in the Cauvery Basin off the east coast of India.

PETROWATCH learns the discovery, if confirmed, is on NELP-III deepwater block CY-DWN-2001/2, offshore Tamil Nadu. Reliance has two rigs operating on this 14,325-sq km block: Deepwater Frontier and Actinia, both from Transocean.

Deepwater Frontier has been on this block since May 13th drilling well A-1 in 1181 metres water depth. TD of 4585 metres was reached last month (June) and, unusually, a Drill Stem Test was carried out.

Why unusually Reliance typically carries out much less expensive Modular Dynamic Tests in deepwater blocks. Whatever the reason, we hear the DST at well A-1 was successful and Reliance struck a pay zone of “significantâ€‌ thickness.

Reliance declines to release any information, yet some believe the pay zone is one metre thick; others speculate it is 10 metres thick. Encouraged by the results of the first DST, Reliance is planning a second DST at a different interval.

Again, no details are available of when, where and at what depth this second DST will be carried out. A-1 is Reliance’s first well at CY-DWN-2001/2, where it holds 100% equity after Hardy relinquished its 10% stake.

Deepwater Frontier moved here from development drilling work at KG deepwater block D-6, so it could meet the minimum work programme commitment under the PSC. Shortly after Deepwater Frontier began drilling well A-1, Reliance moved semi-submersible Actinia from the western offshore to this block on May 25th.

Actinia spud a well on CY-DWN-2001/2 on May 29th in 567 metres water depth and will drill to TD of 3600 metres. No hydrocarbon strike is yet reported from the Actinia well.