Saumya to begin selling CNG in Mathura

Vol 14, PW 16 (10 Feb 11) Midstream & Downstream

‘Perform your obligatory duty as action is better than inaction’, commands Hindu deity Lord Krishna in the Bhagavada Gita, an ancient religious text.

Little-known north Indian company Saumya DSM seems to be heeding this advice as it rushes to begin retail gas operations in Mathura, believed by Hindus to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Saumya plans to finally begin selling CNG to cars and auto-rickshaws from two CNG stations by next month.

When Saumya won a retail gas license for Mathura in 2009, it committed to the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board that it would set up five CNG stations by April 2011. Saumya then planned to begin its first CNG sales by April 2010 but those plans were inexplicably delayed.

“However, we will definitely have five CNG stations operating in Mathura by this April,” asserts a senior company source, when contacted. “By then we should be selling nearly 2000-kg/day of CNG.

” Saumya, he adds, soon expects to complete work on an under-construction city gate station at Chhatta village, 30-km from Mathura. This city gate station will be used to draw gas from GAIL’s tap-off on the 610-km pipeline from Dahej in Gujarat to Vijaipur in Madhya Pradesh and Saumya has almost completed work on a gas pipeline connecting the city gate station with Mathura.

Meanwhile, it is aggressively lining up customers for piped gas. “We will begin selling piped gas to 10,000 households by May,” we are told.

“We’re laying ‘polyethylene pipes’ to connect these homes to our network.” Saumya is also negotiating gas sale agreements with restaurants and hotels, and has signed gas sale contracts with 24 large businesses including several fabric manufacturers.