NELP networking

Vol 14, PW 13 (16 Dec 10) News in Brief

Seismic contractors and exploration companies are congratulating DGH boss SK Srivastava for his “initiative” in organising a ‘speculative 2D data’ meeting to discuss offshore blocks offered in NELP-IX.

On December 8, nearly 100 oil and gas sector representatives gathered in the ground floor conference hall at the DGH’s Noida office. “We invited technical guys from E&P companies,” says a DGH source, “so they could get an idea about the available speculative 2D data for offshore NELP-IX blocks.

” Also invited were seismic contractors PGS, GXT and EMGS who shot the data, and Spectrum, which reprocessed some old 2D. “Each (seismic) company had 15 minutes to make a presentation about its own data,” we hear.

“This programme was organised so the operators could see how much data is available and understand the benefits.” Presentations were followed by question and answer sessions and the meeting ended with a ‘networking lunch.