Deep Driller-1 to reach Deen Dayal in July

Vol 13, PW 25 (03 Jun 10) Exploration & Production

Aban Offshore jack-up Deep Driller-1 is scheduled to reach GSPC’s much-hyped Deen Dayal West discovery in July to begin a three-well development drilling programme.

PETROWATCH learns Deep Driller-1 will drill the three wells from a ‘subsea template’ - a large steel structure lowered to the seabed and used as a base. “Deep Driller-1 is a new generation rig which can handle high pressure/high temperature environments,” confirms a GSPC source.

This is necessary, he explains, because the Deen Dayal field is characterised by high pressure of about 12,000-psi and high temperatures of around 204 degrees Centigrade. Deen Dayal West is a tight and deep gasfield with a ‘complex structural trap.

’ These wells, drilled to around 6500 metre depths, will be ‘high angle’, and ‘multilateral’ to achieve “maximum reservoir contact” and optimum production, says GSPC. Approved by the DGH in November 2009, the Deen Dayal West Field Development Plan envisages 11 new wells and four existing wells eventually ‘tied back’ or connected to the upcoming offshore platform at the KG-8 location to be built by L&T in a contract valued at $235m.

Separately, we learn the platform drilling rig to be built by Delhi-based Tuff Drilling will connect the four existing wells to the offshore platform once it is built, drill eight more wells, and complete all the wells including the three about to be drilled by Deep Driller-1. GSPC expects Deen Dayal West to begin producing between 11m and 17m cm/d of gas from these 15 wells sometime towards the end of 2012.

GSPC’s KG block is one of its most prized assets, with 98% of the company’s ‘net entitlement proved plus probable’ gas reserves’ and 84.4% of its ‘net entitlement proved plus probable’ oil reserves. GSPC also estimates that between 48% and 55% of in-place gas at Deen Dayal West can be recovered over a 30-year production period.