Discoverer 534 back to work

Vol 13, PW 23 (06 May 10) News in Brief

Transocean-owned deepwater drillship Discoverer 534 could return to work for Reliance soon, after more than a month of repairs on its malfunctioning dynamic positioning system.

PETROWATCH learns from a drilling sector source that Reliance asked service providers last week to start mobilising equipment to be loaded onto Discoverer 534. “We were also told crew should be mobilised on May 3,” our source says, “But that has not happened.

Maybe some systems are still being checked.” Transocean, we learn, is putting Discover 534 through sea trials right now offshore India’s east coast after carrying out the required repairs off Kakinada.

Discoverer 534 is on contract to Reliance till July, but industry sources earlier told us the rig was prematurely released on March 31 because of repeated equipment failures, and damage caused when the rig drifted off location. “It now looks like Reliance wants Discoverer to spud and complete a well by July.

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