Reliance hires Seven Seas for 60 days

Vol 11, PW 17 (10 Jan 08) News in Brief

Reliance has hired Transocean deepwater drillship Discoverer Seven Seas for 60 days in a contract that began at the end of last month (December).

Seven Seas will drill one development well at D6 where it joins fellow Transocean deepwater rigs Discoverer 534 and Deepwater Frontier. Discoverer 534 reached D6 at the end of December following completion of a well for Shell in Pakistan.

ONGC demobilised Discoverer Seven Seas on December 29 on conclusion of its three-year contract and the rig is now in the 180-day intervening period before being mobilised for a fresh three-year contract with ONGC. During this 180-day period Transocean must send Seven Seas to dry dock for routine, mandatory maintenance and upgrades.

Says an industry source: “Reliance must have had urgent drilling work at D6 and found that Seven Seas was available.â€‌ Reliance is racing against time to meet its self-imposed deadline to land first gas from D6 by July 2008.