Gohil targets GeoGlobal

Vol 13, PW 20 (25 Mar 10) News in Brief

Gujarat opposition leader Shaktisinh Gohil has attacked GSPC’s seven-year partnership with Canadian explorer GeoGlobal Resources at KG discovery blockKG-OSN-2001/3.

“GSPC gave a 10% stake inKG-OSN-2001/3to an unknown Canadian company without inviting open competitive bidding,â€‌ alleged Gohil in the Gujarat assembly on March 11. “I demand to know what GSPC got in return! GSPC has not received any money from GeoGlobal and won’t receive any in the future because GeoGlobal is experiencing a financial crisis!â€‌ Gohil attacked the arbitration clause in GSPC’s contract with GeoGlobal signed in 2003, claiming GeoGlobal’s condition about settling disputes in London was proof of its “bad intentions.

â€‌ Gohil also attacked Adani Energy, saying the company’s decision to renege on a 25-year commitment to supply 2000-MW to the Gujarat government should be treated seriously and that the company should be blacklisted forever.