Geopetrol delays Arunachal well

Vol 13, PW 6 (27 Aug 09) News in Brief

Geopetrol has been forced to postpone drilling plans at NELP-V exploration block AA-ONN-2003/2 in Arunachal Pradesh due to a landslide caused by rains.

PETROWATCH learns Geopetrol now plans to spud the first of seven committed exploration wells at the block in early September, though it initially planned to do it by end-June. “Geopetrol’s troubles at the block seem to be never ending,â€‌ said an industry source.

We learn there was some damage to the foundation for a diesel tank a few days ago as a result of the landslide, which a company source says Geopetrol hopes to repair within a week. “These things keep on happening,â€‌ adds the source.

“Our management is busy sorting out the problem.â€‌ Geopetrol is also in trouble with drilling contractor JayBee Energy, which is unhappy with the company for keeping one of its rigs on stand-by in Arunachal Pradesh since March, without paying.

Geopetrol says it will only start paying JayBee after it spuds the first well.