GSPC targets 8.5m cm/d Deen Dayal gas from 2011

Vol 13, PW 2 (02 Jul 09) Exploration & Production

Reliance is already producing gas from the KG Basin but GSPC is not far behind and has pencilled in December 2011 for first gas production from the Deen Dayal field at shallow water block KG-OSN-2001/3.

On June 18, operator GSPC (80%) with partners GeoGlobal Resources (10%) and Jubilant Enpro (10%) submitted their long-awaited Deen Dayal Gasfield Development Plan to the DGH after returning from meetings in Houston and Dallas with consultant Petrotel. Under the PSC, the DGH must approve the plan within 120 days, but it could take longer if GSPC must answer DGH questions.

Details with this report reveal gas production will be from DD-West, a 24-sq km patch on this 1850-sq km NELP-III block. GSPC’s plan envisages a total 15 development wells and installation of a 16-slot, six-legged offshore platform at discovery well KG#8.

By late 2011, GSPC expects the platform will be installed, following which it plans to hire a modular rig to drill 11 development wells from atop the platform. At least three development wells will be drilled using a jack-up that re-enters wells KG#8, KG#15, KG#28 and sidetracks KG#17 before the offshore platform is in place.

Each well from DD-West should yield around 20m cf/d (570,000 cm/d), adding up to around 300m cf/d (8.5m cm/d). This rate, says GSPC, will be maintained over a 10-year plateau.

Production will subsequently decline but the field will continue to yield gas for another 10 years. Gas from DD-West will travel from the well-head platform to an adjoining process platform and from there through a 24-km long, 24-inch diameter sub-sea pipeline to a 100-acre onshore production facility at the former French colony of Yanam, where further processing will be carried out before the gas is pushed into Reliance’s 1385-km â€کEast-West’ pipeline from Kakinada to Ahmedabad, through Hyderabad and Uran.