Finalising the Deen Dayal (West) development plan

Vol 12, PW 26 (04 Jun 09) Exploration & Production

Almost the entire GSPC exploration team has decamped to Dallas and Houston to complete a final review of the development plan for the Deen Dayal (West) discovery before it goes for DGH approval.

PETROWATCH learns that nearly everyone on the exploration team handling the KG offshore project at GSPC left for the US on May 26 and 27 for meetings with geological and geophysical consultants Petrotel. Also attending meetings in the hot Texas summer, we hear, are representatives of GSPC’s partner Canadian explorer GeoGlobal Resources and India-based Jubilant Energy, plus DGH staff.

But late to the party is GSPC managing director DJ Pandian, who left India on May 30, and chairman D. Rajagopalan, who is also Gujarat state chief secretary, and who left on June 1.

“The only person missing the confab in Dallas and Houston is (Gujarat chief minister) Narendra Modi,â€‌ jokes a wag. Everyone is expected back by June 8.

So how far along is the plan now “Please wait until the details are finalised,â€‌ says one team member. “But broadly it has the same numbers as the Declaration of Commerciality approved by the DGH and the ministry in December.

â€‌ Team members in Texas have some hopeful numbers at hand that have emerged from exploration wells being drilled at KG-OSN-2001/3, home of the Deen Dayal discovery. At well KG#33, being drilled by Atwood Beacon, the first Drill Stem Test carried out across a five-metre interval between 4852 metres and 4857 metres flowed 1m cf/d (28,000 cm/d) through a 12/64-inch choke.

“Such a low flow rate was because the formation is tight,â€‌ we hear. GSPC decided to â€کhydro-fracture’ this interval following which the flow rate increased to 6.5m cf/d (184,000 cm/d) through a 12/64-inch choke at a flowing well head pressure of 4800-psi and temperatures of 120-degrees Fahrenheit.

But at the KG#21 well being drilled by Perro Negro 3, the second DST was disappointing.

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