Dahej expansion hit by faulty pumps

Vol 12, PW 23 (23 Apr 09) News in Brief

Petronet-LNG’s Dahej terminal is facing its first minor mishap after capacity was doubled this year.

On April 15, barely one and a half months after the additional 5m t/y capacity was commissioned on March 9, Petronet-LNG shut down operations at newly-built Tanks 103 and 104 after five high pressure pumps developed a technical fault. Petronet-LNG immediately declared â€کforce majeure’ at the new capacity, but not at the old capacity.

Company managing director Prosad Dasgupta tells us five cargoes will be re-scheduled: three from RasGas and two from short-term contracts. Dasgupta said Petronet-LNG is in touch with lead contractor IHI of Japan and that the five pumps would be fixed by mid-May.

He added that â€کsend-out’ volumes from Dahej had dropped from 37m cm/d to 30m cm/d. “Downstream customers will not be affected,â€‌ he said.

“All four storage tanks (capacity: 148,000 cubic metres each) were full to capacity when â€کforce majeure’ was declared.â€‌