GAIL fights for pipeline monopoly

Vol 12, PW 23 (23 Apr 09) News in Brief

Gujarat Petronet’s efforts to build pipelines outside its home state might be killed at birth, if GAIL has its way.

PETROWATCH learns the gas and downstream regulatory board is examining a GAIL complaint that two applications by Gujarat Petronet to lay pipelines outside Gujarat are wasteful and will result in duplication of infrastructure. “The Board heard GAIL and Gujarat Petronet last month,â€‌ confirms a Board source.

“Finding a solution may take time but I can assure you the Board will not permit duplication of pipeline infrastructure.â€‌ GAIL’s anxiety stems from two applications filed in quick succession.

Last month Gujarat Petronet applied to lay a 1400-km pipeline from Mehsana in Gujarat to Bhatinda in Punjab. In February it applied to lay a 1800-km pipeline from the site of its proposed KG gas processing plant at Mallavaram in Andhra Pradesh to the textile town of Bhilwara in south Rajasthan.

Last November GAIL applied to lay a pipeline from Vijayawada to Vijaipur.

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