Srinivasan upsets delegation from abroad

Vol 9, PW 11 (08 Sep 05) News in Brief

Special secretary MS Srinivasan needs to be careful when receiving guests at the oil ministry.

A three-man delegation from a well-known major was less than impressed last month when it was made to wait two hours for an appointment fixed at 5.30pm. When finally the delegation entered his room at 7.15pm, it was taken aback at his first words of greeting: Do you people not take appointments he said.

What do you have to tell me I know everything I need to know about your company. Reassurances that a formal appointment had been confirmed did little to sooth the irate Special Secretary, who continued to show his displeasure in a raised tone, to the obvious discomfort of his guests.

You dont yell at senior executives like that, we hear. Its just not done.

If it was somebody more senior in our company, that would have been the end of us in India. Srinivasan is expected to become oil Secretary in January next year.