Reliance forces SPM shift at Sikka

Vol 12, PW 4 (10 Jul 08) News in Brief

Reliance has convinced Gujarat maritime authorities to shift an offshore single-point mooring (SPM) and interconnecting pipeline system for imported crude to the proposed 6m t/y Bina refinery in Madhya Pradesh, promoted by Bharat Petroleum and Oman Oil joint venture Bharat-Oman Refineries.

PETROWATCH learns Reliance persuaded Gujarat Maritime Board officials that the existing SPM location threatened ships passing through the Sikka port anchorage area delivering cargo to Gujarat State Fertilisers and the Reliance refinery at Jamnagar. Last month GMB officials told Bharat-Oman to “re-alignâ€‌ the SPM so that it avoids the anchorage area.

“Their pipeline could be damaged by ships dropping anchor,â€‌ confirms a source. “There are plans to deepen the Sikka shipping channel also.

â€‌ Contacted by this report, Bharat-Oman spokesman HP Gurnani confirms the development but insists it won’t affect Bina’s targeted completion date of December next year.