DGH waits for revised Mangala FDP

Vol 12, PW 10 (02 Oct 08) News in Brief

DGH officials are still waiting for Cairn India to submit the revised version of a Field Development Plan for its Rajasthan discoveries following a decision to shift the crude delivery point from Barmer to Salaya in Gujarat.

“The new delivery point was approved on April 30,â€‌ says a government source. “Cairn wrote letters to the DGH confirming it would send the revised FDP but the DGH has not received the plan yet.

â€‌ Cairn’s revised FDP, we hear, is likely to have Bhogat in Jamnagar as the final delivery point of crude instead of Salaya (see: Story 15). A study by the National Institute of Oceanography says Cairn will have to shift its SPM (Single Point Mooring) from its earlier envisaged location in the Gulf of Kutch to the Arabian Sea.

Cairn has already started talks with pipeline contractors to lay the 70-km stretch from Salaya to Bhogat. But sources say it still needs RoU (Right of User) permission from the Gujarat government for the â€کextended’ stretch.