Eight new CNG stations for Delhi

Vol 11, PW 21 (06 Mar 08) News in Brief

Indraprastha Gas is planning to open eight new CNG filling stations in Delhi by the end of this month (March) to meet soaring demand.

IGL already operates 159 CNG stations across Delhi but this is apparently not enough to meet demand, which over the past few weeks has soared with long queues reported at CNG filling stations across the national capital. “There is no shortage of gas,â€‌ stresses IGL.

“The main reason for the queues is that public and private vehicles from (Delhi suburbs) Noida and Gurgaon are coming to our CNG stations to buy gas. People in these areas converted their vehicles to CNG anticipating that Adani Energy (for Noida) and Haryana City Gas for (Gurgaon) would set up CNG stations and begin supplies but that is not happening.

â€‌ In addition to the eight new CNG filling stations this month, IGL is planning to build a further three CNG filling stations, which are at various stages of completion, bringing the total to 170.