Deep Industries faces onland rig mishap in Gujarat

Vol 11, PW 15 (15 Nov 07) Exploration & Production

Rig accidents can be lethal, so it is with some luck that no casualties were reported when a 30-tonne workover rig belonging to Gujarat-based Deep Industries fell apart while moving between two drilling locations at ONGC’s Ahmedabad asset at 11am on (Sunday) November 11.

“One of the jacks (legs) of the rig tilted to around 40 degrees while the telescopic mast was being lowered,â€‌ confirms Deep Industries when contacted by PETROWATCH. “One jack (leg of the rig) was damaged when the mast came down with a lot of force.

That jack is being replaced.â€‌ Deep Industries stresses that the rig mast was not damaged, adding that the rig will be ready to resume work in another four days (by November 17).

â€‌ Deep Industries was moving the rig to well Sadar 6 after carrying out a workover of well Sadar 12. “Most accidents related to a rig’s jack take place during inter location movements,â€‌ a rig inspection agency tells us.

“But it’s difficult to believe the mast is not damaged.â€‌ ONGC’s Ahmedabad asset manager BM Singh categorically denied the incident took place.

“If such an incident had taken place, I would have known about it in 10-15 minutes,â€‌ he tells us. “Nothing happened.

â€‌ Another Ahmedabad asset official in charge of well services was equally dismissive. “Why are you askingâ€‌ he retorts.

“What interest do you have No such incident took place.â€‌ Does the national health and safety watchdog know “No,â€‌ says an official at the Oil Industry Safety Directorate.

“I am not aware of it. On November 12 ONGC informed us about an earlier and separate rig incident that took place on October 30.

â€‌ He adds: “ONGC should have informed us within 24 hours about the incident you are mentioning.â€‌ Industrial accidents of this sort, says the OISD, must be reported immediately, first by phone then by fax.

Worryingly, “no one ever seems to follows these guidelines,â€‌ admits the official.