Sharp hike expected in Amguri production

Vol 11, PW 12 (18 Oct 07) News in Brief

Expect a significant hike in oil and gas production at the Amguri field in Assam following a series of positive developments this month announced by Canadian operator Canoro Resources.

On October 10, Canoro revealed its “most successful result at Amguri to dateâ€‌ when it said the Amguri 11 well flowed 1190 b/d condensate and 12m cf/d gas from 65 metres of net pay across two newly discovered reservoirs. Compare that to present production of just 450 barrels of oil equivalent per day from the whole field.

Canoro similarly announced in July that the Amguri 10B well flowed 375 b/d condensate and 1.1m cf/d. “Our priority is to get wells 10B and 11 on production by the end of the year,â€‌ Canoro tells this report.

“We are also preparing an â€کinitial’ development plan for the DGH.â€‌ Canoro hopes to begin its development plan of two appraisal wells and six development wells in February or March next year after the return of the Century 26 land rig temporarily on loan to HOEC.