Canoro begins Amguri production testing in January

Vol 9, PW 18 (15 Dec 05) Exploration & Production

Canoro Resources of Canada begins extended production testing of two wells at its Amguri oilfield in Assam early next year.

PETROWATCH learns testing of the Amguri-5 and Amguri-6 wells will begin on 14th January in an effort to better understand the fields reserves. Canoro doesnt have enough data yet to make a prediction about reserves, we learn.

When production tests are finished reserves estimates can be attributed only to these two wells and not to the whole field. Over the past two months Canoro has carried out successful workovers of the Amguri-5 and Amguri-6 wells, raising hopes that other suspended ONGC wells on the same field might uncover similar promise.

On 28th October, Canoro announced successful testing of two intervals between 2890 metres and 2902 metres at Amguri-5 with flow rates of 588 b/d of 42 degree API oil and 800,000 cf/d associated gas. At Amguri-6 Canoro announced on 14th November successful testing of a 19-metre interval from 2866 to 2885 metres with initial production of 175 b/d of 56-degree API oil and 1.75m cf/d of associated gas.

Success at these two wells has encouraged Canoro to consider re-entering other suspended wells on the field and two weeks ago it began a workover of the Amguri-2 well, which along with Amguri-5 and Amguri-6, belong to a group of nine suspended former ONGC wells on the field. Canoro has firmly excluded several of these wells from workovers but is contemplating re-entry of others ahead of full development.

One of the reasons for the extended (Amguri-5 and Amguri-6) production tests is to gain more reservoir information to better anticipate what another couple of these wells might look like, we hear. Its very complex geology.

Canoro keeps discovering more and more about the reservoir. Its possible to apply some of that knowledge before full development.

Both Anguri-5 and Amguri-6 are producing from the Barail formation. Its no secret that the Barail is the main zone of interest here, we learn.

Canoros re-entry of Amguri-2 is also targeting the Barail formation.