GAIL begins work for parallel HBJ pipeline to Delhi

Vol 11, PW 7 (09 Aug 07) Midstream & Downstream

GAIL has begun work to lay a new gas transmission pipeline parallel to the HBJ (Hazira to Bijaipur to Jagdishpur) pipeline - India’s oldest major cross-country trunk pipeline.

GAIL tells us the 1800-km HBJ and the 610-km Dahej to Bijaipur pipelines are running to full capacity. So too is its 36-inch pipeline running from Bijaipur to Dadri, known as the â€کGas Rehabilitation Project’, which was laid in 1996.

“These three pipelines are choked to capacity,â€‌ reports a source. “For a smooth flow of gas to Delhi a parallel pipeline is a must.

â€‌ The new pipeline will run a distance of around 600-km from Bijaipur to Delhi. Because the new pipeline will run parallel, GAIL can use the existing RoU (Right of User) permission for the HBJ.

Hopes are alive this will save considerable time in obtaining new approvals and that the pipeline can be laid within two years. Approval from the oil ministry is already in hand and GAIL has appointed consultant JP Kenny to prepare a Detailed Feasibility Report.

An interim report from JP Kenny has already been submitted and first indications are it contains a recommendation that the new gas pipeline to Delhi should be either 42 or 48 inches diameter. A compressor will be installed at Bijaipur to pump in gas from the existing HBJ pipeline and the Dahej to Bijaipur pipeline for onward transmission to Delhi.

As the proposed pipeline from Bijaipur to Delhi is, “merely an upgrade of our existing systemâ€‌ GAIL did not have to invite expressions of interest to book up to 33% extra capacity mandated by the oil ministry in recent guidelines for all gas pipelines. GAIL has already shortlisted potential project management consultants, one of which will eventually be appointed to verify JP Kenny’s Detailed Feasibility Report.