Oil ministry bids farewell to VP Joy

Vol 11, PW 7 (09 Aug 07) News in Brief

On August 3rd the oil ministry organised a function to bid farewell to bureaucrat VP Joy who has moved on to the power ministry.

Joy was refineries and administration director in the ministry from May 5th 2004 till July 31st this year and was promoted to joint secretary two months ago. As there was no vacant joint secretary level job in the oil ministry, he had to be moved out to another ministry.

On August 1st, Joy took charge as joint secretary in the power ministry. Joy joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1987 from Kerala.

The oil ministry assignment was his first posting to Delhi. Typically, a Delhi posting for an IAS officer lasts five years.

Unless he is moved out of the power ministry, Joy can expect to stay there till May 4th 2009. Joy is an electronics and communications engineer and also has a MBA degree from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Contacted by this report after being given his new assignment, Joy said he was “happyâ€‌ to get the power ministry job.