Deora comes to London on 13th June

Vol 11, PW 2 (31 May 07) News in Brief

India’s oil minister Murli Deora is expected in London on 13th June for a morning â€کround table’ meeting with representatives of UK oil and gas companies.

PETROWATCH learns Deora was originally scheduled to be in London on 6th June, as part of a delegation organised by Indian industry body FICCI for â€کThe Global Business Forum’ but he postponed his arrival by a week. CEOs of companies like Cairn Energy, British Gas, Premier Oil and BP, all with operations in India, are likely to be invited to the â€کround table’.

Deora, however, has made clear he wants to hear about â€کclean energy’ and â€کrenewables’, not project-related problems faced by UK companies in India, of which there are many, i.e.

Cairn’s development plan for Rajasthan; Premier’s PSC () for Ratna; and his decision to deny BG a â€کfarm-in’ to three ONGC permits. Deora is enjoying Paris this week at a UNESCO â€کMinisterial Conference on Energy in a Changing World’.

He returns to Delhi on 4th June.