Selan set to develop and produce Karjisan gasfield

Vol 10, PW 25 (19 Apr 07) Exploration & Production

Selan Exploration, a tiny Indian explorer, is set to begin development of its onland Karjisan gasfield in Gujarat.

Selan secured possession of Karjisan from ONGC only in January this year, even though the PSC was signed and the Petroleum Mining Lease was issued in 2004. “There’s one idle well at Karjisan,â€‌ says an industry source.

“This well has to be revived and one more well has to be drilled.â€‌ Even though Karjisan is a gasfield, Selan sees potential for oil also.

Discovered by ONGC in 1985, Karjisan measures just 5-sq km and lies about 70-km from the outskirts of Ahmedabad on the Kalol to Mehsana highway. ONGC had tested the discovery well as a gas producer, which flowed 38,000 cm/d.

Gas in-place is estimated at about 100m cubic metres of which Selan believes up to 80% is recoverable. “Selan will have to revive the existing well and production test it,â€‌ we are told.

Expect this to take about two to three months. Selan is now trying to find a market for the gas.

“Nothing has yet been finalised but talks are going on with several potential customers,â€‌ we learn. “One possibility is to get the gas to Ahmedabad where you have a ready market.

â€‌ Along with Karjisan, Selan had signed a PSC for Ognaj oilfield also in onland Gujarat. Both fields were awarded to Selan in 1995.

Ognaj was discovered by ONGC in 1982 and lies 15-km north west of Ahmedabad. It measures 13.65-sq km and produced between 50 and 60 b/d for about five years through a sucker rod pump.

At Ognaj, Selan plans to revive the existing idle well and drill another nine wells in three years. But no physical work can be done till Gujarat state authorities issue the Petroleum Mining Lease.

Estimates are that initial oil in-place is less than 2.5m tonnes. The discovery well at Ognaj tested oil at 18 cm/d.

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