GSPC plugs and abandons lowest zone in KG#15 well

Vol 10, PW 16 (30 Nov 06) Exploration & Production

Gujarat State Petroleum has plugged and abandoned testing of the lowest zone at well KG#15 its fifth well at NELP-II block KG-OSN-2001/3, which holds the Deen Dayal discovery.

PETROWATCH learns that on or around 15th November GSPC began a Drill Stem Test (DST) at the lowest zone of this well, which was terminated at TD of 5745 metres and Total Vertical Depth of 5669 metres in late October. GSPC hoped the test results would appraise the extent of the discovery in well KG#8 (the third well on the block) and confirm test results from KG#17, the fourth well.

But the test was not entirely successful. The zone flowed gas, confirms a source.

But the flow was not as good as we expected. Lack of significant flow to surface, we are told, was because the formation was tight.

Porosity and permeability were poor at this zone, adds a source. Hydro-fracturing is an option if its decided to produce from this zone.

Testing ended around 23rd November and a decision was taken to isolate, plug and abandon the lowest zone before moving up to the next zone at around 5060 metres depth. This new zone (5060 metres) corresponds to the main zone tested in KG#8, we hear.

Testing will begin sometime this week and last around ten days. Meanwhile, logging was carried out using a specially designed tool ordered from Japan that arrived late, explaining the partial delay in concluding work at the lowest zone.

GSPC plans to carry out four or five DSTs at this well beginning with the most unpromising zones. Not all zones will flow, we hear.

Usually one or two zones are weak. According to one source, GSPC has in place a well educated testing system at this well, drawing on experience gained from earlier wells KG#8 and KG#17.

GSPC believes it is comfortably placed, we hear. It is sure of a big discovery at this well (KG#15).