Teething troubles at new Essar refinery

Vol 10, PW 15 (16 Nov 06) News in Brief

Routine teething troubles are hampering the early start-up of Essar Oils new refinery at Vadinar in Gujarat.

Starting a refinery is not like starting a car, says an Essar source. Various phases get commissioned over time.

We have been commissioning our 120-MW power station, desalination plant, heaters and other utilities over the past two months. Teething troubles are normal in a process facility like a refinery.

A Gujarat source tells us of a leak in a crude supply pipeline and an electricity blowout after a worker hit a power cable. "There is no delay, adds Essar.

Actual commissioning is scheduled for March 2007 but we are ahead of schedule. There was no leakage.

During hydrotesting of the pipeline some loose nuts and welds were noticed and were replaced immediately. A worker digging on the road outside the refinery accidentally hit a power pylon, which collapsed.

This was rectified the same day and there was no delay because of this.