Essar offers Wildcat semi to GSPC

Vol 10, PW 14 (02 Nov 06) News in Brief

Essar Oil is offering semi-submersible rig Wildcat for GSPCs drilling tender at KG-OSN-2001/3 .

Earlier reports that Kingsnorth Explorer was being offered are unfounded. Essar bought Wildcat from Transocean instead, we hear.

Wildcat was bought about four weeks ago and is now offshore Aberdeen before it moves to Dubai for a full refit. The tow will take a month and the refit 12 weeks, we hear.

Wildcat can drill in 1300 metres water depth and has a 15,000-psi BOP stack. Her specifications exceed GSPCs requirements, says a source.

Wildcat was stacked for a year but before that, was on a five-year contract to Statoil of Norway. An industry source tells us Essar chose Wildcat over Kingsnorth Explorer as her specifications better-suited GSPCs requirements.

Wildcat is also in a better condition than Kingsnorth Explorer. Essar has offered Wildcat to GSPC at a day rate of $337,000 per day significantly lower than Falcon 100, offered by rival Transocean.