GAIL shelves CNG plans for Iran

Vol 9, PW 18 (15 Dec 05) News in Brief

GAIL also seems to be losing interest in Iran.

GAIL does not see Iran as an attractive market for CNG, says an industry source. Their laws and taxation are very stringent.

In doubt is a MoU with Hinduja-owned Ashok Leyland for a CNG venture in Iran. GAIL sees no progress happening with the project.

Iranian authorities are blamed for not encouraging foreign companies to enter the CNG business. Perhaps, Iran prefers domestic companies for the CNG business and is deliberately discouraging foreign companies, we hear.

We are also told that the Iranians are uncooperative in giving information about the numbers and names of cities in which a CNG business can be set up. They just dont answer any questions.

The Hinduja group has had business interests in Iran since the Shah of Iran. These links were re-established with the Islamic revolutionaries who overthrew the Shah more than 25 years ago.