Vol 3, PW 7 (28 Apr 99) Exploration & Production

By August this year, details should start trickling through of one of the most ambitious equipment procurement programmes ever launched by ONGC.

In Petrowatch - 17/Feb/99, we reported how RC Gourh, Director Technical (see: Story 6) has been charged with setting up five internal ONGC committees to examine the corporations equipment requirements over the next ten years. It appears the work of those committees is almost complete.

Petrowatch learns that recommendation from the five committees - charged with equipment purchase, technology needs, information technology and business re-engineering - are now under "technical scrutiny" by senior ONGC managers and a final report with procurement recommendations is expected by August this year. "It is a huge brief the committees were given", Gourh tells this report.

"One of the committees is looking at ONGC's purchase requirements. Now that rig prices are down, we could go in for purchase of new or secondhand rigs and other equipment.

Procurements, technology tie-ups, business re-engineering and technology upgrade. Theres a huge list of areas we are looking at".

Also included in the brief is a re-assessment of ONGCs exploration strategy overseas. "We want a strong competitive edge in oilfield operations in other countries", adds Gourh, "We have to look outside India for new business as geological prospectivity for oil in India is low".