Vol 3, PW 1 (03 Feb 99) Midstream & Downstream

Rajendra Singh, Chairman, NTPC has identified the following power plants for conversion to LNG:- Location State Capacity Planned Expansion Kawas Gujarat 645 MW 650 MW Gandhar Gujarat 648 MW 650 MW Anta Rajasthan 413 MW 650 MW Auriya Uttar Pradesh 652 MW 650 MW Dadri Uttar Pradesh 817 MW N.

A* Kayamkulam Kerala 301 MW 1,950 MW *Expected gas shortfall to be met by LNG BACKGROUND: - The National Thermal Power Corporation is proud of its reputation as "a pioneer in the construction and execution of mega-sized power projects in India", both coal-based and gas-based. On 17 January, NTPC commissioned the first unit (301 MW) of its combined cycle thermal power project at Kayamkulum in Kerala, bringing up its total installed capacity from 16,795 MW to 17,096 MW.

In addition to gas-fired power stations, NTPC also has the following coal-fired units. Singrauli 2,000 MW Korba 2,100 MW Ramagundam 2,100 MW Farakka 1,600 MW Vindhyachal 1,260 MW Rihand 1,000 MW Kahalgaon 840 MW Unchahar 420 MW Dadri Thermal 840 MW Talcher 1,000 MW Talcher TPS 460 MW TOTAL 13,620 MW By Indian standards, NTPC stations operate at a high Plant Load Factor (PLF).

Figures from 1995-96 reveal the corporation generated 93,468 million units - equivalent to 24% of the country's total power generation. By 2003, NTPC plans to add a further 10,000 MW capacity.