Vol 3, PW 14 (04 Aug 99) News in Brief

Reliance has suffered a repeat accident at its Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) at Hazira.

A ship unloading naphtha for Reliance hit the SBM on Thursday (July 29th) and knocked it out of action. Reliance is unable to use the SBM to unload naphtha and will have to transport the fuel by road to Hazira.

Reliance issued a statement saying the problem would be sorted out within a week, but sources say it will take about 20 days to be set right. "Reliance is underplaying the problem as it does not want the price of naphtha to move up", he said, "They will have to move naphtha by road and the price is sure to go up".

In September last year, the Hazira SBM was knocked out by an unloading ship, resulting in a Rs150 cr ($36m) loss to Reliance.

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