Elf Gas lands first آ‘private sectorآ’ LPG into Mangalore

Vol 3, PW 21 (10 Nov 99) News in Brief

Mangalore port in Karnataka has taken its first delivery of private sector LPG when on 27th October it received 1,800 tonnes from Elf Gas.

A statement from the New Mangalore Port Trust said the LPG was transferred through a 6km underground pipeline to Elfs storage tank farm located on 10 acres of land nearby. The statement adds that the storage facility has a capacity of 3,000 tonnes facilitated by two horton spheres to attain an overall capacity of 9,000 tonnes to handle 2,50,000 tonnes of throughput per annum.

The facility also has a bottling plant attached, which has a cylinder-filling capacity of 25,000 tonnes of LPG per annum. Elf Gas India Ltd is a subsidiary of Elf Antargaz that in turn is a part of Elf Aquitaine.