Cairn Energy cautious about hiking Ravva production

Vol 3, PW 24 (22 Dec 99) Exploration & Production

Cairn Energy is proceeding with caution ahead of a possible hike in production at its prized Ravva oil and gasfield, offshore Krishna Godavari in the waters off Andhra Pradesh.

In the first half of this year Cairn received government permission to maintain production at 50,000 barrels a day (b/d). Contrary to popular belief, Cairn is happy for production to remain at this level for the time being, despite oft-stated claims by the DGH that Ravva has potential to produce 80,000 b/d or more.

Cairn, as operator, is acutely aware of the potential, but insists the time is not right to increase production. Reason: it does not know enough about the reservoir.

To increase its knowledge, Cairn has commissioned Compagnie General de Geophysique (CGG) of France to undertake a 3D survey of Ravva beginning January next year. The survey was initially planned for January this year, but a failure to obtain government approval pushed back the start date.

Cairn is hoping it will throw up valuable data on a number of leads drilled by ONGC, former owner of the field. These are: Well ONGC test results R-3 1,508 b/d R-4 1,760 b/d R-5 4,991 b/d R-25 1,725 b/d R-13 17.2 million cubic feet of gas In addition Cairn is confident about the potential from two gas prospects that fall in the Ravva contract area: R-22 and R-23.

Here, Cairn is waiting for approval to begin a development programme valued at $40m. Drilling was completed in 1998 and no more wells are required, learns Petrowatch.

It is believed that R-22 and R-23 could together enhance gas production from Ravva by 1m cubic metres of gas a day (cm/d). The twin fields are suspected of holding gas reserves of 65bn cubic feet.

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