Three new LPG plants for southern India

Vol 4, PW 14 (16 Aug 00) News in Brief

Gas Authority of India (GAIL) has commissioned feasibility studies to construct three new LPG plants in southern India.

Press Trust of India reports that GAIL made a presentation (no date available) to oil minister Ram Naik to push for construction of the following three plants. Production Location LPG Other liquids Approximate cost Tirumakkottai (Tamil Nadu) 58,600 tonnes 25,230 tonnes Rs160cr ($35m) Tatipaka (Karnataka) 96,000 tonnes 36,500 tonnes Rs650cr ($144m) Surya Saynam (Andhra) 55,000 tonnes 27,200 tonnes Rs160cr ($35m) TOTAL 209,600 tonnes 88,930 tonnes Rs970cr ($214)