Tripura aggressively woos investment

Vol 4, PW 17 (27 Sep 00) People & Policy

So keen is the north-eastern state of Tripura to attract investment that its Chief Secretary to the government V Thulsidas was seen busily distributing his business card to delegates at the September 12th investment summit in Calcutta.

"Just e-mail me before you fly into Tripura," he said, "I will keep everything ready." (Any takers should contact:!)With a 75% literacy rate, Tripura is pitching itself as an ideal investment destination for Indian industry. This, despite a low intensity insurgency against Indian rule by separatists.

Delegates to the conference - the second this year on Tripura - heard officials announce a new 'Information Technology' policy "to create thousands of programmers for jobs in India and abroad and also improve internet connectivity." Thulsidas promised a "single-window clearance system" for new projects, scores offiscal incentives (including zero-tax during start-up operations) and a 75% transport subsidy. A highlight of the conference was the signing of an agreement between Gas Authority of India and the Tripura Natural Gas Company for the construction of a 6-km pipeline to transport between 65-67,000 cubic metres a day of natural gas produced by ONGC at Agartala Dome to 100,000 domestic users in the state capital Agartala.

Another project widely discussed was the construction of an integrated fertiliser and methanol plant, producing 600 tonnes of ammonia, 1,000 tonnes of urea and 303 tonnes of methanol per day. For this Tripura is talking to Calcutta-based RPG Enterprises, the Indian Farmers Fertilisers Cooperative (IFFCO) and the Krishak Bharati Cooperative (KRIBHCO).

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