Examine data at no cost for the first three days

Vol 4, PW 23 (20 Dec 00) Exploration & Production

Is it any wonder the DGH expects to turn a handsome profit on the sale of seismic data during this round Unlike the last licensing round, this one has a well thought-out - if expensive - price list for anyone interested in purchasing additional data.

We see for example that a basic basin information docket costs a flat fee of $7,500, while old ONGC or Oil India data reprocessed by the DGH costs $30 per l/km. The DGH is also charging $5,000 for satellite gravity data of blocks four and five in eastern India and $7,500 for blocks one, two and three in western India.

A detailed table also gives the price for onshore and offshore log data, well completion reports, seismic data tapes, and a host of site-specific reports and studies. The cost of viewing data in Delhi, London or Houston is as follows: Free - first three days $250 - fourth day $500 - fifth day $1,250 - sixth day Companies are allowed a maximum of five people in the data rooms.

You will only be allowed to take notes and will not be allowed to make photocopies. "Bags and briefcases are not permitted in the data viewing room," reads the note, "Only pens,pencils, laptops and paper note books are permitted." Basin information dockets and data packages will be available for viewing but for a maximum of one day only.

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