Engineers India asked to help DGH in Perth

Vol 9, PW 23 (09 Mar 06) News in Brief

Engineers India has been asked to help the DGH organise the NELP-VI roadshow in Perth.

EIL has an office in Perth and we look forward to receiving EILs support in publicizing the event through this local office, writes the oil ministry to EIL chairman Mukesh Rohatgi. It would also be appreciated if the DGH could be permitted to install the workstations (for a dataroom) in the office premises of EIL at Perth, which will be manned by a DGH nominee.

In the note the ministry suggests the Perth dataroom should be open for viewing from 27th March to 26th April. EIL is assured that, of course, any incidental expenses involved in the functioning of the dataroom will be borne by DGH.

The NELP-VI roadshow at Perth will be held on 6th and 7th April. Junior oil minister Dinsha Patel will lead the Indian team.

India is offering 55 blocks in NELP-VI, which was launched in Delhi on 27th February. Bids must reach the DGH by 15th September.