ONGC wants 12-month extensions for seven blocks

Vol 9, PW 24 (23 Mar 06) Exploration & Production

ONGC has requested the oil ministry to consider a 12-month extension for each of seven NELP exploration blocks.

The first of these is shallow offshore Mumbai block MB-OSN-2000/1 where ONGC is in Phase-II and currently drilling the fourth of five committed wells. Three previous wells were dry.

ONGC wants the extension to integrate fresh 3D into its geological model. At offshore Mumbai deepwater block MB-DWN-2000/1, ONGC is drilling the first of three wells committed in Phase-I and is seeking an extension for the first time.

Then, at offshore Mumbai deepwater block MB-DWN-2000/2, ONGC has committed three wells and is drilling the second well. In Gujarat offshore deepwater block GS-DWN-2000/1 ONGC is drilling the third of three committed wells and in neighbouring block GS-DWN-2000/2 the first of three committed wells has already been drilled.

Drilling of a second well is underway and one well remains to be drilled. ONGC wants a 12-month extension at Kerala Konkan deepwater block KK-DWN-2000/4 to understand the complex geology of the block before drilling the one committed well.

In the Cauvery shallow offshore, at block CY-OSN-2000/2, ONGC is now drilling the last of the three wells committed. In all these blocks we understand the ministry will most likely grant ONGCs request for a years extension because the committed work programme has been substantially completed or wells are being drilled.

Similar leniency is likely for the six-month extension requested at Gujarat shallow offshore block GK-OSN-97/1, where ONGC wants time for geological and geophysical studies before deciding to enter Phase-III. On this block ONGC has drilled the committed one well.