CVC gives GAILآ’s J.K Jain clean bill of health

Vol 5, PW 13 (15 Aug 01) News in Brief

Anti-corruption agency Central Vigilance Commission has finally let acting GAIL chairman J.

K Jain off the hook. We learn that on 13th August the oil ministry received a curt two-line letter from the CVCsaying it has "no objection" to Jain either continuing in his present position or being promoted.

"Injustice was done to him," reveals a senior oil ministry official. "That has now been corrected." But this does not mean Jain gets confirmed as GAIL chairman.

Officially he remains number two on the panel for GAIL chairman after Prashant Bannerjee, an IOC executive director. We understand the CVCsletter now goes to oil minister Ram Naik and on to the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.