GAIL managers complain about promotion policy

Vol 6, PW 8 (19 Jun 02) People & Policy

SENIOR MANAGERS AT GAIL are angry over the organisation's promotion policy.

PETROWATCH learns of several letters from senior managers to GAIL's top management and to oil minister Ram Naik that complain of being unjustly ignored for promotion. Most unhappy are managers in the HBJ pipeline and terminals sections who feel colleagues in petrochemicals, LPG plants and pipelines, new projects and the corporate office are monopolising promotions.

"There is a general feeling that maintenance jobs in pipelines and terminals are thankless jobs and do not deserve recognition and rewards." At issue are the promotions of 2001 and 2002. "Officers eligible in 2000 and dropped in that year have been left without promotions in 2001 or 2002 while officers who became eligible in 2002 have been promoted the same year." One complaint contrasts treatment of officers at the Auraiya compressor station with those in the pipelines/terminals division.

In 2001 "promotions in O&M were 100% while only 50% in pipelines/terminals. In 2002, O&M officers got 85% promotions while those in pipelines/terminals got nothing." According to those complaining, GAIL's promotion policy is unfair.

"Performance rating is still given based on personal likes and dislikes, personal interests and other factors irrelevant to performance of the candidate." Angry managers want a review of the promotion system to reverse frustration and demoralisation. "Does the management want experienced officers to be a burden on the company or do they want them to quit" GAIL managers tell Naik that promotions cannot be given arbitrarily and "seniority cannot be ignored."