New marker system to fight petrol adulteration

Vol 6, PW 5 (08 May 02) News in Brief

Visit any Indian town to see for yourself the rampant fuel adulteration that curses this country.

Naphtha is used to adulterate petrol and kerosene is used to adulterate diesel. The result is an oily, suffocating stench of fuel in the air for most of the day, taking a toll on your health.

You also end up with a big bill to repair the damage caused to your engine by adulterated fuel. Now, if state-owned oil companies are to be believed, there is hope round the corner.

Oil PSUs have devised a marker to be added to fuel that will indicate if it has been adulterated. We are told the marker is non-destructive.

Plans are to initially blend the marker in petrol and diesel sold in Delhi, and then move on to cover the rest of the country. Customers at petrol pumps can test fuel with a battery-operated portable "Digital Analyser."

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