Reliance warns of people misusing its name

Vol 6, PW 4 (24 Apr 02) News in Brief

Reliance has been forced to issue a public notice warning members of the public not to deal with people that are falsely using its name to offer dealerships for petrol, diesel, CNG and petrochemicals.

"These persons have been found to be circulating bogus application forms purportedly bearing the logo and trademarks belonging to Reliance," said the notice published on 17th April. "They have been collecting huge sums of money in the name of companies and entities with which we have nothing whatsoever to do." Reliance said one of the names used to deceive people is 'Reliance Oil'.

"Neither Reliance Industries nor Reliance Petroleum have been offering or for the time being intend to offer any such dealerships for distribution or sale of petroleum products or petrochemicals."