Naik complains he doesn't get enough publicity

Vol 6, PW 18 (06 Nov 02) News in Brief

We all know oil minister Ram Naik enjoys the limelight and knows how to get it.

In Mumbai on 31st October to announce the ONGC Videsh deal in Sudan, Naik asked reporters if they had received invitations for the press conference. "I am just trying to find out if our Press Information Bureau office here is doing its work properly," he explained.

PIB officials take no chance with Naik, especially after incidents when he thinks he is not getting the kind of publicity he feels he deserves and complains to the information minister (the PIB boss), whose office then seeks explanations from the concerned officials. "The trouble with Naik is he wants us to organise publicity even for political party events over which he presides," a PIB official tells us.

"That is not within our brief. We only organise publicity for government events.

He does not see the difference."