Gangwar sits idle as Naik centralises power

Vol 6, PW 23 (29 Jan 03) News in Brief

Its not easy to be in the shadow of a domineering and publicity-hungry minister like Ram Naik.

Junior oil minister Santosh Gangwar can vouch for this. Gangwar has been sulking for quite sometime as Naik has left him with almost no work.

Both belong to the BJP but there's no love lost between them. We learn Naik has restricted to a bare minimum the areas that Gangwar controls.

As a result, hardly any important official files reach him. "Naik wants to centralise all information and decision making with himself," reveals a source.

"There is very little work left for the minister of state." Gangwar is left with little option but to swallow his pride. He could quit his job but that would mean losing the trappings of office - a decision no one, least of all a junior minister, would take in a hurry.