ONGC looking for 12 more supply boats

Vol 6, PW 21 (18 Dec 02) News in Brief

ONGC is looking for a "reputed" contractor to manage and operate 15 of its 52 supply vessels following an investigation that revealed them to be not fit for use.

Presently, a different contractor operates each of the 15 boats but ONGC wants a single contractor to look after all of them. ONGC chairman Subir Raha ordered the termination of these individual contracts following an independent physical inspection that revealed each of the 15 boats to be in decrepit condition.

Whoever is selected must give ONGC a bank guarantee of Rs1cr per boat, employ qualified crew, and pay industry wages. ONGC wants to hire an additional 12 supply boats and on 10th December met Great Eastern Shipping, Essar, Varun Shipping, Tidewater, Sea Bulk and Rolsberg of Norway.