Halliburton looking for local scientists

Vol 10, PW 2 (18 May 06) News in Brief

Halliburton wants to open its new research facility in Pune by the year-end and has begun the search for local scientists.

Halliburton VP technology Vik Rao will be in India from 22nd May with a small team to move the project forward. Our facility in Pune will focus on the fluids side of the business, Halliburton tells us.

Most R&D is focused on drilling. Hardly anyone spends R&D money on fluids.

Halliburton wants to step up its presence in India, where it has operated since 1988, and where its rival Schlumberger has successfully out manoeuvred it for market share. On 9th May Halliburton hoped to reverse this trend with a Heads of Agreement with ONGC to revive the Lakwa, Lakhmani and Geleki fields in Assam.

Halliburton expects a formal contract in place by 1st July. ONGC says it has 8000 sick wells across India, says Halliburton.

Theres a lot of scope for more business.

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