Reliance strikes gas at GS-OSN-2000/1

Vol 10, PW 2 (18 May 06) News in Brief

Reliance has struck gas at its first well at block GS-OSN-2000/1 on the west coast of India.

No testing of well GS01-A1 has been carried out but we hear gas shows to surface during drilling peaked at 40% over three days. Says a source: Reliance needed to control the flow by increasing the mud weight.

Reliance couldnt test the well because of the unsuitability of Transocean rig Actinia. This is a very high-pressure zone, we hear.

Actinias BOP doesnt have a high pressure rating. Reliance wants to wait until another rig is available.

Actinia was scheduled to drill a second well at GS-OSN-2000/1 but Reliance now wants to wait for a rig with the right BOP rating. Log results from GS01-A1 are being tied in with seismic ahead of the second well.

Actinia spudded GS01-A1 on 5th February in 63 metres water depth. Drilling reached 4375 metres in mid-April and the well has now been cased.

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