PK Sharma new Oil India dir. operations

Vol 18, PW 5 (23 Oct 14) News in Brief

No one at Oil India was surprised when Pramod Kumar Sharma was declared the company’s next director operations.

“Sharma is a good choice,” we hear. Sharma, 54, is a GGM rank manager heading the BD team in Assam looking after operations and acquisitions.

He was selected on October 20 to replace Satchidananda Rath, who retires on May 31 (2015). Sharma beat GM rank colleagues SK Jena, BP Sarma, Rahul Dasgupta, BK Mohanty, Reba Devi and four outsiders for the job.

“His main priority will be to increase oil and gas production,” says a colleague and friend, “and to analyse reserves at Oil India’s assets in India and abroad.” Sharma, a geophysicist with a masters degree in petroleum exploration, joined Oil India as a graduate trainee in 1982.

Oil India is failing to meet production targets because of strikes and blockades in Assam. In 2012-13 it produced only 2.639bn cubic metres gas against a 2.919bn target and 3.6m tonnes of crude against a 3.95m target.